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If I could be reborn and spit right out again on this dear green earth and have to go through all the horrid confusion of puberty and potty training, I would want to be reborn in Iceland. Seriously! Look at their freakin horses. Step aside ummm… whoevers considered superhot nowadays.  I would marry that horse in a heartbeat (not really. procreation would be quite difficult genetically speaking… let’s not get into that freaky stuff. I’m not implying bestiality by any means I’m just saying everything in Iceland is beautiful aaaanyways). And look at that dodo it’s like hey I’m not going to even forage anymore I’m just gonna stand here and stare at this beach until I die. No wonder they became extinct. P.S. I’m aware that’s not a dodo. It’s like some far-gone cousin of the pelican who decided having a long beak is real silly.


Clouds Cast Thousand-Mile Shadows into Space When Viewed Aboard the International Space Station

One of six astronauts currently on board the International Space Station, geophysicist Alexander Gerst spends much of his free time staring out the window as the world zooms by 205 miles below, camera in-hand. Since arriving at the ISS in June of this year Gerst has taken tons of photographs that document hurricanes, floods, dust storms, and oil fields.

One of his favorite things to shoot are the shadows cast by clouds, something that appears surprisingly dramatic from space. Dense cloud formations can create long shadows that stretch for thousands of miles across the Earth’s surface as they eventually disappear into a black horizon. You can see new photos from Gerst daily on Twitter


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Scenery of clouds enveloping vast expanse while towering several thousand of feet up into the stratosphere often trigger a inescapably visceral feeling of how insignificantly small were are. Considering the fact that the entire universe itself materialized from immeasurably massive conglomeration of clouds of gas called nebula, one can realize just how amazing it is to witness these beautiful phenomena. Also, being a fan of DBZ I’ve always had an urge to try and chomp on these fluffy bunnies :P. Oooo tastes like…. air :/